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  • 10 Life Lessons That Everyone Learns Sooner Or Later

    10 Life Lessons That Everyone Learns Sooner Or Later

    Life is an amazing journey, full of adventures, joys and sorrows … But above all, life is a great “school” where we remain in constant learning.

    We selected some of the most important lessons that (sooner or later) you will learn. Understand these “teachings” is essential for your life to be healthier and less stressful!

    1. You cannot have everything you want

    Knowing how to deal with rejection and failure is perhaps one of the hardest lessons for most people … But one thing is certain in the life of everyone: we will not always have what we want!

    Understand and accept our limitations is important to prevent a life based on bitterness and frustration.

    2. You should always try again!

    We cannot always succeed at first, so keep trying!

    Do not be afraid to do something for fear of making mistakes. After all, we have two options: “no” and “yes.” The “no” is already guaranteed, then it costs nothing to try to chase the “yes,” right?

    3. You cannot please everyone

    There will always be someone who thinks and acts from principles different from those you believe … So?

    You need not agree with the world, but remember to be honest with yourself. This is one of the basic ingredients to be happy!

    Who wants to please everyone pleases no one.

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    Highly Recommended to read: Good Morning My Love

    4. You are responsible for what you do

    We are free to speak and do whatever we want, but we are also required to bear all the consequences of our actions!

    Try to find your way in life.
    No one is responsible for our destiny, but to ourselves.

    Chico Xavier

    5. Money does not solve all problems

    As the saying goes, “money does not buy happiness.” And every year you give more reason to this popular maxim!

    Money can provide some moments of joy and ensure a stable level of comfort to your life … but will never solve their deeper problems such as loss of a loved one or the rejection of love, for example.

    6. Time heals (almost) everything

    When your dating comes to an end, you feel you will never again fall in love with someone else again, right? Wrong!

    Nothing like the time to heal the “wounds of the heart” and make a new and exciting chapter begins in your life!

    Time heals what reason cannot cure.


    But we also learn that certain situations will never be exceeded. In these cases, the time acts only as an “anesthetic” to pain …

    7. Being respected is more important than being accepted

    As we said earlier, you cannot always please everyone … But one thing is essential: respect for others!

    People cannot accept their way of being, but must respect you and treat with dignity.

    8. To be happy, we have to accept ourselves as we are!

    You do not need the world you accepted to be happy, but only one person: yourself!

    Accept its peculiarities, because they are the ones that make you special human being you are!

    9. Life is a “roller coaster”

    There are “higher” moments, where prevail the days of joy and motivation, but there are also “lower” periods, when we feel sad and unmotivated …

    Life does not follow a linear, we are constantly changing, either feelings or sensations. And when you understand that this is the “scheme of life,” notes that it is not so bad … After all, happiness only exists because we also have sadness.

    If there were ups and downs in your life … you’d be dead!

    10. We are always learning about life …

    No matter if you have 20, 30, 50 or 90 years, there will always be a new lesson to be learned in this life!

    Share with us what the most valuable lesson of life you ever had! After all, we are here to learn, right?

    The books can also teach us beautiful life lessons! Doubt? Then see what the Little Prince has to say about it !

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  • Top 10 Trilogies Most Successful Films Of All Time

    Top 10 Trilogies Most Successful Films Of All Time

    When it comes to filmography, a solid script, good cast, capable direction, and excellent marketing, it is possible to create a franchise that can be sustained over a number of films. In this selection are highlighted the 10 trilogies most successful films of all time. Most of the films in this selection did well both critically and financially. It is based on the quality of writing, casting, direction and marketing. Check it:

    Jurassic Park

    What made this so amazing trilogy was that each film was full of action, was honest, scary and came up with a deep history with underlying themes of money, power and the human tendency to play God. The first 1994 film received three statuettes of Oscar and grossed over $ 1 billion at the box office. Jurassic Park is only the tenth position in this selection of 10 trilogies most successful films of all time.

    The Godfather

    The franchise is so wonderful that some aliens in a distant galaxy are discussing how amazing it be. The first and second films finished in the top 100 films of American Film Institute.
    What really made the trilogy The Godfather so good was the risk, effort, and detail in each of the films. To the producer of the original film met with a Mafia boss to ensure that they acertassem .

    Trilogy of Dollars

    What makes the work so unique is that really revived a film category that was practically dead in the 1960s Despite the low budget, simple techniques, the producers of the trilogy dedicated hard work to reinvent the Western. They are part of the franchise:
    A Fistful of Dollars (A Fistful of Dollars – 1964), For a Few Dollars More (For a few dollars more – 1965), The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Three men in conflict or the good, the bad and the ugly – 1966)
    With a troubled hero, violent themes, and different cinematic practices, brought a whole new style to the Old West romanticized.

    Trilogy Revenge (The Vengeance)

    Vengeance, a trilogy of South Korea, should not be judged by their box office revenues, because frankly, are meaningless. At times, as good is the performance of the trilogy, is judged less by dollars and more for the opinions.
    In this area, Vengeance has few equals. The violent scenes that induce nausea were considered masterpieces by film critics because weaves mysteries in the plot. Each film won several international awards for its quality despite the low budget and not American styles. They make up the trilogy, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance 2002 2003 Oldboy and Lady Vengeance in 2005.


    The trilogy did more than just offer sweets graphics computing. The films were so memorable that even only mention the name of some things evokes memories of how good the franchise was, especially the well-told story, complicated but consistent.

    toy Story

    For those who are not familiar, the trilogy revolves around the group of toys that come to life when a boy, Andy, is not around. The main character is a cowboy named Woody who is the unofficial leader. All toys are involved with various problems over the three films and make deep connections with each other.

    High School Musical

    High School Musical, HSM, was a huge success. The film did not have sex, violence, or presentation of any political message. The producers based the film in singing, dancing, and good fun only. They took small budgets, on the small screen, and took every dollar.
    Just to help visualize, this television film had two sequels, a show tour, books, numerous awards and nominations, among other highlights.

    The dark Knight

    The trilogy highlighted the super star Christian Bale and won US $ 1 billion in sales since the launch of the original. The director, Christopher Nolan has admitted could not let the fact that it was huge success. And you can not talk about this trilogy without mentioning the performance Heath Ledger as the Joker in the second film of the franchise.

    Original Star Wars Trilogy

    With all things considered, nothing beats an original. Here are quick reasons for this. Initially, there would be no Star Wars movies without the old Star Wars movies for support. Second, the original actors gained invaluable success that lasts almost 40 years after the original film have gone to theaters, making it probably more popular than the second trilogy.
    Another reason is that the street performers in Hollywood and Times Square they had the choice of so many characters, but chose Star Wars characters on them all to draw attention of tourists.

    Lord of the Rings

    For all 3 films, the production budget was $ 1.1 billion. Grossing nearly $ 6 billion, the trilogy is one of the highest grossing film franchises of all time, and it’s leading position in this selection of 10 trilogies most successful films of all time.
    It would be unfortunate to characterize this trilogy only by money made. The trilogy had a cultural impact that can hardly be quantified in dollars. With a worldwide following hardly seen in any genre, this trilogy is truly something special.

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  • Top 10 Most Romantics Nationalities Of The World

    Top 10 Most Romantics Nationalities Of The World

    Passion is an expressive and pleasant feeling of an emotional attraction to another person associated with love. For some, it’s a bunch of roses, for others, a weekend in a mountain cabin.
    But there are some people for whom this is not only a saved act for special occasions, it is a way of life, endless journey and they are always trying to buy a ticket to the heart. Yes, some people are individual and everyone can speak for itself, but there are still certain nationalities are more romantic than others.
    These nations simply know the tricks. And its just part of nature, creation mode or general attitude to life. In this selection are the 10 most romantic nationalities of the world.



    If you celebrate Valentine’s Day is some measure of being romantic, Indians are the most romantic of Asia with 90% of them showing affection for their current partners. The Indians have a story about love. They hold the symbol of enduring love, Taj Mahal, the most famous monument in the world and one of the 7 wonders of the world.



    They are well dressed, they appear to be very tidy and are good companies, who know very well how to behave to seduce the object of your affection. Self-deprecation and not self-aggrandizement is usually the way that the Irish lure. But it is exactly that smile, “Oh, I did not intend to seduce you, but I think seduce” which is highlight.



    Their egalitarian approach to romance, offers popular, no looks sexy Latino or eloquent replicas. And famous for its interesting appearance, the secret weapon of the Swedish man is not her golden hair and perfect teeth, but their willingness to do things for the person to feel good



    These people are willing to go to various courtship rituals and take the time. The best secret of them are romantic evenings with lots of candles, seafood, wine and chocolates. And when you add luxury lingerie , they often give as a gift for the occasion or another, no one can resist.
    American innovations as drive-in theaters, car mass production and cultivation of musical genres from jazz to house added frisson for dating rituals that had then been the domain of only those who could recite Shakespeare


    They are different from other nations of the Arab world. Physical appearance is very attractive thanks to dark skin and eyes, but that’s not all, these people really know how to dress and behave to seduce.
    And by combining this with Beirut, more liberal capital of the region with a ton of houses night, there are the ingredients for a series of meetings sexy but elegant



    Argentines are very passionate and romantic. A typical Latin American nation, these people are known for their exaggerated passion. The perfect expression of Argentine romanticism can be found in tango, arguably the most sensual dance in the world.
    But it is detected that the heady red wines and star sublime football skills as Diego Mara Dona and Lionel Messi as interesting highlights.



    The Spanish people are impressive, and have a reputation for very good lovers. With life, charm and warmth, these people know the true meaning of romance and there is no secret to the same when the lure is on the agenda.



    Brazilians are also here thanks to the romantic appeal, and third position in this selection of the 10 most romantic nationalities of the world. They show no shyness when sex is the agenda and every year celebrate the brightest and most extravagant carnival in the world. The sensuality of Brazilian can be felt by samba dance too.
    And anyone who watched the country ‘s football team took a samba band or watched the stars above the Corcovado in Rio, you know that there is much emphasis on sensuality.



    The French are famous throughout the world for the romantic nature, and are second place in this selection of the 10 most romantic nationalities of the world. They really know the language of love.
    And they are experts in seduction and absolutely irresistible. These people love life, gourmet food, chocolates and wine. And it is no accident that Paris is known as the city of romantic tours, most popular . The French love to talk about love and feel the person next to them, making them really special



    The word “romance”, originally meant – or over -. Rome, which then points] by default, just about any Italian thing is considered romantic
    in his seduction, the Italians are born with this beautiful nature, fantastic food and wine, rich history of them and melodious language, being the first position in this selection of the 10 most romantic nationalities of the world.
    When Madonna wore famously one t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Italians Do it Better”, she did not want to refer to the pasta sauce.



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  • Green Juice Recipes for Weight Loss and Lose Weight Fast!

    Green Juice Recipes for Weight Loss and Lose Weight Fast!

    Summer is coming and the pursuit of good form increases. It is wide paths that can be followed to achieve this goal. Although not so easy, we can now count on an ally that will greatly facilitate this journey.

    The so-called JUICE GREEN. For those who have this habit of eating in fast foods, stick your foot in the jackfruit on weekends and look ugly face to the gym, this may be an excellent solution, and the result may even be surprising.

    Besides doing super good health the green juice is a companion to lose weight, the benefits are many, it slows aging, increases immunity, helps eliminate toxins from the body, reduces water retention and also improves symptoms headache, bloating and constipation. It’s a lot of good! The best option is to not strain the juice because the fiber content is reduced. It is also good that the green juice is ingested the morning but it is not a rule.

    Who is used to seeing and vegetables only in the dishes may wonder where to find them in the cup since the ingredients are common in meals. The juice can be composed of one or two types of dark-green sheet (cabbage, watercress, parsley, spinach, mint, among others.), And vegetables, legumes and fruits shoots.

    Admittedly, it may give some work more to prepare the juice every day, since although not essential is most beneficial when the vegetables are fresh, because the nutrients are still at the apex, but for those who have a busy life and wants spend less time in preparing nutritionists suggest making the freeze in ice molds.

    Just hit the green leaves and freeze in molds, so when preparing the juice add the frozen cubes of the leaves to the other ingredients, beat everything in a blender with water, coconut water or even tea and ready! Saves time. Please do not have the idea of adding sugar in a drink as healthy and low in calories like this, if you want to sweeten a good option is honey, consume the juice immediately because it loses nutrients to time.

    The Green Juice Detox helps the body get rid of bad substances and increases the feeling of satiety. Despite being beneficial it is important it is not overdone it can cause vomiting, diarrhea and overload the kidneys. The ideal is 500 ml per day.

    Now that you are all well explained, let’s revenues:

    1 Green Juice Carrot and Spinach


    1 carrot cup cut into slices
    2 cups spinach (leaves only without the stalk)
    1 cup of water

    Method of preparation

    Beat everything in a blender and drink. If you want, you can add a tablespoon of honey.

    The carrot is a diuretic plant that favors the elimination of liquids, and that offers the benefit to disintegrate kidney stones and spinach contains few calories, aids in digestion, and helps to maintain low levels of blood sugar. That is, the two together is a success!

    Benefits of green juice

    According to the nutritionist, these juices are rich in vitamins and minerals have antioxidant properties that help the body fight against the free radicals and against unwanted toxic substances. “They also help in the regulation and balance of the body and associated with a nutritional education, help in weight loss, fight swelling and prevent constipation because they are high in fiber,”

    The recipes are super simple, cheap and healthy. You have no reason to not try it?

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  • 5 tips to learn any language without going to a course

    5 Tips To Learn Any Language Without Going To A Course

    Today, there are several ways to customize the learning of languages, considering motivations, preferences and of course, time

    From an early age, perhaps the three or four years, I keep with me the memory of my mother, a French teacher, talking to a strange-looking ladies, very pale, clear eyes, a strange language. To be aware that it was the French, he had assimilated a number of words and phrases for socializing and a bit of interest.

    Then, still in the primary came the first English classes in high school. At home there were several resources to practice the language, heritage my brother two years older. Comic books, children’s books, cartoons, which devoured like candy my grandmother. Thus, the classes began to have an uncomfortable pace and my distraction become routine. Were enough English classes to start my imagination float and hours lengthen as a slow and endless centipede. As the teacher repeated explanations or perpetuated relatively easy lessons, I did the homework of other materials, to take time to play after school.

    In an article in the British Newspaper The Guardian, several young people responded to the question ‘What would motivate you to learn a language. ” is no surprise to me that the vast majority have chosen interactive and practical reasons, such as exchanges, conversations with native speakers, watch movies in other languages and learn through games and applications.

    Years would pass before I understood that language learning had become a passion. The classroom is a distant memory and the passage of time absorbed a number of habits to practice foreign languages beyond the confines of four walls, which in addition to more fun and interesting, helped me to speak 3 languages fluent level (Portuguese, English and Spanish), another advanced level (German) and understand relatively well over two (French and Italian). Here are some of my tips for those interested in languages and new ways of learning.

    1. Take every opportunity as if it were the only

    A topic always in vogue to achieve fluency is living abroad. Undoubtedly have frequent contact with the language can accelerate mastery of the language, but then why do some people learn faster than others? The answer is simple: in addition to natural fitness, commitment and practice. To come and live in Germany, something that always bothered me was the sudden change from German to English. It was common to ask something in their language and listen for a response in English in counterpoint. My German was not beyond the intermediate-low, but it hardly mattered. The more they responded in English, but I insisted on German, regardless of all possible errors that I commit. It was almost a game, who got tired first! The result is that after almost a year, when I decided to attend a course, I entered the B1 level, the third level by the Common European Framework Reference for Languages.

    1. Talk with natives for a few hours may be better to study months in a school.

    The ideal time to practice their language skills often when you are absolutely relaxed, or in an informal situation. When I was doing Masters in London, two discoveries have left me stunned. The first was how much my English flowed accompanied by wine dinners. Or simply fun people who made me feel at ease. I noticed that the fear of making mistakes lurked in the depths of my mind and often inhibited me. To overcome this, I relaxed and started to pay more attention to others than me. The second was that when passing to copy their expressions and how to pronounce the words, my accent improved, was very light. My vocabulary has also increased considerably and then turned the game and started to observe my grammatical errors often compared to the way the natives spoke. I realized that not only learned more as well as more fixed the new words and expressions. It was a process of observation of others and self-observation. All while now.

    1. Time to learn or have fun? How about both?

    Replace the film voiced by with legend. Watch movies and series twice, the first in the Portuguese version, the second in the original version. Read letters and listen to music without looking after. A foreign word a day sent to your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Travel or attend events with international themes. Read stories to children in a foreign language, or the original of your favorite poems. Have you ever wondered how the poems of Charles Baudelaire sound in French? What is the true style of Charles Bukowski in English? Or do you have another favorite Charles? Or Henry? Whatever their idols or favorite pastimes, involving them in language learning potentiates memory. You will be amazed at the amount of new words that will slip your tongue when you need to use them.

    1. Travel as much as possible

    Traveling to other countries is an unforgettable experience, both in terms of cultural absorption as personal growth. Confront your worldview and customs with absolutely different people, enriches and transforms. But do not forget that your holiday can gain an even more local connotation if you try to speak a few words in the language of the country. And may be even more fun.

    On my first trip to Italy, I tried to learn some words to address the people. I bought a phrase book and every day sought to read the vocabulary of a situation, how to order at the restaurant. The result is that when he was in Rome, in the early days got tips from locals on what to do beyond what is found in the tourist guides. I also discovered that the Italians understand Spanish better than English and reward your effort to say a few words in Italian quite receptively.

    1. Take control of your learning

    There is only one way to learn. Each person is best suited to different methods, times and situations. What are your favorites? Have you ever asked this question before? Remember that there is nothing better than learning having fun and maybe try something completely different to surprise you positively. Your girlfriend takes too long to get ready? Her boyfriend, friend, colleague, never shows up on time? Ten minutes a day is already enough to study. What matters is to follow your own pace and keep the frequency. Every opportunity account. Then learn in the park, at grandma’s house, waiting for the doctor’s time. Put the headphones on the way to work, or join a friend who is in the same process for a chat, like the protagonists of our video.

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  • Natural Birth ? Yes,Already Exists

    Natural birth,Yes already exists

    The pills taken as a contraceptive safe and harmless method, have increasingly called attention to its side effects, ranging from headache, libido loss, sagging, cellulite, decreased muscle mass, increased localized fat changes humor, even severe as thrombosis.

    Besides, you are fooling your body! The pill consists of two synthetic hormones, one mimics estrogen and other progesterone, both natural female hormones and responsible for controlling its cycle. These false hormones that trick your body not to produce the natural hormones and consequently does not occur ovulation. Menstruation also ends up being “fake” because there is no egg being expelled. more natural than to rely on the menstrual period in which the woman is to better understand the cycle and what he has to say.

    The only alternative for relief of PMS?

    This can be a speech to justify the consumption of hormone pill due to “relief” quickly obtained for the various uncomfortable symptoms related to the menstrual cycle. The pill is practical, but the best way is still unraveling the REAL REASONS of their symptoms. It is through self knowledge that you can find out walking in imbalance in your body and / or emotions, but all women feel the same in their cycles, is not it? The TPM is not natural, which will influence this or that symptom is how you been living all other days. There are women who have PMS, is one of them, be aware!


    “The future of contraceptive methods is to know your body rather than change it using hormonal contraceptives.”


    With this idea, Dr. Elian Berglund got rid of hormones in order to prepare for the next pregnancy, and created in partnership with her husband, Dr. Raoul Schweitzer Swedes both and PhD in Physics, the application Natural Cycles that today, It has been adopted by more than 40,000 women without any reported accidental pregnancy.

    But how does it work?

    Basically instead of everyday a woman taking a pill, she takes her temperature in the morning and puts the information in the application. With this information, an intelligent system based on your personal data, creates a mapping where non -fertile days may be marked in green – indicating that sex will not cause pregnancy – or red – warning of the risk and condom use.

    The couple created the app based on the three phases of the cycle (pre ovulatory, ovulatory and post-ovulatory), for in each woman has a different body temperature, and thus has the contraceptive information needed to the mapping is done in a safe manner.

    10  reasons to adopt the app Natural Cycles

    1. It is a contraceptive method that uses an advanced algorithm, which provides 99.9% security to indicate a “green day”, i.e. the day that you do not run the risk of pregnancy. This is not “rhythm”.
    1. It is simple to use, but not for anyone.Women who care about health and have discipline will adapt easily, simply feed the properly application. The more information, greener days you will have!
    1. Temperature measurement: should be done about the same time and after having slept more or less the same number of hours.Just put the thermometer in the mouth before getting out of bed in the morning and cast temperature in the application.
    1. One of the advantages of the method is that it also has the function ‘Plans’ – that helps those who want to get pregnant.
    1. Can be used by women who have irregular cycles.The method takes into account these variations and still very safe to indicate the days when you are fertile (red day) or infertile (green day).
    1. People who suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) can also use Natural Cycles . In the application site you can get all your questions about this and many other issues.
    1. For the control method can make 1-month free trial.In this case, the person acquires a basal thermometer in pharmacies or on the site Natural Cycles . Important: the thermometer should make measurement with 2 decimals, e.g., 36.99 ° C.
    1. Making an annual subscription you free wins the thermometer Natural Cycles
    1. You get to take care and plan naturally without consuming and depend on hormones, which improves your health and promotes better self -knowledge about your body, functioning of your cycle, about you!
    1. Menstruating is a blessing.In medicine, menstruation is seen as a cleaner for the female body, both physical and psychological, emotional and mental, after the renewal of the inner layer of the uterus. It is an opportunity for every woman to be renewed, to detoxify and even better understood, precisely because they are able to give life to a new being every month. A monthly present.

    To live naturally is necessary to seek harmony with your body so that there is harmony in their cycles. It is essential to observe! So pay attention to your body, your needs, feed with awareness, observe your emotions. When testing a diet, see how your body reacts and adapts. Learn what are the dietary restrictions for you and not break the limit. Believe in your body, he talks all the time and it behooves you to pay due attention.