Ah, the holidays. A time for relaxing, enjoying oversized meals, and making semi-annual phone calls to relatives you don't really like.

Hey, I'm not here to judge. I just thought our upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and soon-to-follow Festivus season seemed like a perfect time to talk about an easily overlooked option that's waiting to be embraced (in a totally platonic and consensual manner, of course): the ability to turn any old phone into an active call-making device connected to your current number, courtesy of Google.

Why bother? Good question, Gilbert. I think the real question, though, is: Why not? If you've got an old phone sitting around and growing crusty, this'll give it a genuinely practical new purpose. You could keep it on your desk at work, in case you ever forget your regular phone; keep it in your travel bag as a backup, in case your battery dies during a layover; toss it in your glove box and have it as a ready-to-roll emergency phone; or take it with you to the gym and avoid the risk of banging weights against your purty new primary phone whilst you buff and shine that marvelous torso.

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