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  • Natural Birth ? Yes,Already Exists

    Natural birth,Yes already exists

    The pills taken as a contraceptive safe and harmless method, have increasingly called attention to its side effects, ranging from headache, libido loss, sagging, cellulite, decreased muscle mass, increased localized fat changes humor, even severe as thrombosis.

    Besides, you are fooling your body! The pill consists of two synthetic hormones, one mimics estrogen and other progesterone, both natural female hormones and responsible for controlling its cycle. These false hormones that trick your body not to produce the natural hormones and consequently does not occur ovulation. Menstruation also ends up being “fake” because there is no egg being expelled. more natural than to rely on the menstrual period in which the woman is to better understand the cycle and what he has to say.

    The only alternative for relief of PMS?

    This can be a speech to justify the consumption of hormone pill due to “relief” quickly obtained for the various uncomfortable symptoms related to the menstrual cycle. The pill is practical, but the best way is still unraveling the REAL REASONS of their symptoms. It is through self knowledge that you can find out walking in imbalance in your body and / or emotions, but all women feel the same in their cycles, is not it? The TPM is not natural, which will influence this or that symptom is how you been living all other days. There are women who have PMS, is one of them, be aware!


    “The future of contraceptive methods is to know your body rather than change it using hormonal contraceptives.”


    With this idea, Dr. Elian Berglund got rid of hormones in order to prepare for the next pregnancy, and created in partnership with her husband, Dr. Raoul Schweitzer Swedes both and PhD in Physics, the application Natural Cycles that today, It has been adopted by more than 40,000 women without any reported accidental pregnancy.

    But how does it work?

    Basically instead of everyday a woman taking a pill, she takes her temperature in the morning and puts the information in the application. With this information, an intelligent system based on your personal data, creates a mapping where non -fertile days may be marked in green – indicating that sex will not cause pregnancy – or red – warning of the risk and condom use.

    The couple created the app based on the three phases of the cycle (pre ovulatory, ovulatory and post-ovulatory), for in each woman has a different body temperature, and thus has the contraceptive information needed to the mapping is done in a safe manner.

    10  reasons to adopt the app Natural Cycles

    1. It is a contraceptive method that uses an advanced algorithm, which provides 99.9% security to indicate a “green day”, i.e. the day that you do not run the risk of pregnancy. This is not “rhythm”.
    1. It is simple to use, but not for anyone.Women who care about health and have discipline will adapt easily, simply feed the properly application. The more information, greener days you will have!
    1. Temperature measurement: should be done about the same time and after having slept more or less the same number of hours.Just put the thermometer in the mouth before getting out of bed in the morning and cast temperature in the application.
    1. One of the advantages of the method is that it also has the function ‘Plans’ – that helps those who want to get pregnant.
    1. Can be used by women who have irregular cycles.The method takes into account these variations and still very safe to indicate the days when you are fertile (red day) or infertile (green day).
    1. People who suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) can also use Natural Cycles . In the application site you can get all your questions about this and many other issues.
    1. For the control method can make 1-month free trial.In this case, the person acquires a basal thermometer in pharmacies or on the site Natural Cycles . Important: the thermometer should make measurement with 2 decimals, e.g., 36.99 ° C.
    1. Making an annual subscription you free wins the thermometer Natural Cycles
    1. You get to take care and plan naturally without consuming and depend on hormones, which improves your health and promotes better self -knowledge about your body, functioning of your cycle, about you!
    1. Menstruating is a blessing.In medicine, menstruation is seen as a cleaner for the female body, both physical and psychological, emotional and mental, after the renewal of the inner layer of the uterus. It is an opportunity for every woman to be renewed, to detoxify and even better understood, precisely because they are able to give life to a new being every month. A monthly present.

    To live naturally is necessary to seek harmony with your body so that there is harmony in their cycles. It is essential to observe! So pay attention to your body, your needs, feed with awareness, observe your emotions. When testing a diet, see how your body reacts and adapts. Learn what are the dietary restrictions for you and not break the limit. Believe in your body, he talks all the time and it behooves you to pay due attention.