sweet Romantic good night quotes for her

good night quotes for her

Evening … announcing a night of peace coming … time to thank for the wonderful blessing of this day!

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one day is over and a week of hope begins … a heart full of faith warming the soul of gratitude … rest … days of blessings await us … achievements and learning await us every dawn That God blesses us … Night of tranquility to all! …

Good night
Passing quickly to wish for a happy and joyful night in the presence of the Most High God, may your night be quiet and your dawn be full of surprises, from God. Have a blessed night.

and the day is saying goodbye … the sun is setting to rest … letting the nightfall embrace with your tranquility … silence … thank … Gratitude will always bring you the best tomorrow!

Serene night of harmony and tranquility angels! That at the end of each day, the touch of caring for peace and rest … the satisfaction and fullness of duty fulfilled be blessings to your heart!

Good night that your night is quiet, that nothing draws your sleep. Give your worries to the LORD. David gave his heart to the LORD, and he supplied all his needs, even his enemies served them

Romantic good night quotes for her

May God enlighten and protect you in all your days … in all your moments … peace, serenity, health, joys … infinite blessings to embrace you with all divine affection!

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Shine in the heart all the strength of your faith, hope and peace! Thank and reassure your soul in the most perfect love … in the love of God … and rest under your protection!

Replenishing the energies is a good request to let good things flow …
Good evening, everyone.

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Blessed night angels!
… for today gratitude … time to calm … warm the heart and soul … in love … in peace and faith … a beautiful dawn of blessings and harmony awaits us! Good rest!

It warms the heart and rests in harmony, there are many blessings coming to us at dawn! Good rest angels! Beautiful night of peace and serenity!

She – Then close your eyes that you will feel me.
I – Soon my body will be touched by your memory.

❝ … Blessed night of rest … peace and tranquility … immense gratitude in the heart … that we can strengthen the faith and intensify the hopes … for each one of us … many blessings … many Joys … achievements and learning in this new week that begins

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Every evening,
thank God
for one more day
and ask Him
to give you a new opportunity
at dawn!

Sweet good night quotes for her

Good evening!
May the night arrive
beautiful and calm,
that you calm
the yearnings so
that it rests in peace!

Beautiful night Blessed with tranquility, serenade the heart and the soul … preparing us for a wonderful dawn! ° ✿ ✿ A weekend full of joys awaits us! ° ✿ ✿ With affection … a kiss of peace for you! (I.e.

may the strength of good protect us and may the divine affection enlighten us … serenade the soul and embracing peace!

Tranquility, serenity and harmony! Serenade our thoughts, and receiving with gratitude this beautiful night that embraces us! Good rest for all of us angels!

Rest … serene … relax and trust … do not be discouraged … a lot of good things are still going to happen